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Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Learn how to start a new business and become a successful entrepreneur – sign up below

Introduction to Entrepreneurship is a free, online, open education course where you will learn how to become an entrepreneur and how to plan and finance a business start-up. It comprises three micro-courses:

  1. Becoming an entrepreneur (IENT101)
  2. Planning a business start-up (IENT102)
  3. Financing a business start-up (IENT103)

Benefits of taking this course include opportunities to:

  • Learn how to plan and finance a new business to become a successful entrepreneur.
  • Enhance career prospects by earning stackable Edubits micro-credentials in entrepreneurship.
  • Gain academic credit towards the Certificate Higher Education Business (OERu), a UK-based qualification from the University of the Highlands and Islands.

Choose a micro-course and get started today!

You can choose to study one or more of the three Introduction to Entrepreneurship micro-courses.

We recommend that you study the micro-courses in sequence starting with IENT101. If you have already completed one or two of the micro-courses, please choose the next one in number sequence. Enjoy your learning!

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